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November 21, 2013

Preorder 844 Toll Free Number Now!

Toll free numbers, over time, have become more difficult to acquire.  Most of the previous prefixes (800, 888, 866, 877) become difficult to get, especially if you want a certain combination of digits for a vanity number.  Certain services such […]
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November 19, 2013

Productive Workday to the Max

There are several distractions that take away from a productive workday. Here are some ways for you to conquer each day and perform at your best!  1. Focus on one task at a time Multitasking is extremely easy for us to […]
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November 14, 2013

4 Questions to ask when selecting a Hosted VoIP Provider

When searching for your new cloud-based phone solution, there are important questions you should be asking so you don’t have buyer’s regret or are taken advantage of from a company. CLICK ON THE TITLE BELOW! 4 Questions to ask when […]
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November 5, 2013

Long-Term Contracts Don’t Make Sense

It’s intimidating to sign any type of contract. Businesses are consistently changing and needing to adapt with technology and their customers. You need your providers to provide the same type of flexibility. Long-term contracts are a red flag for consumers. […]
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October 29, 2013

Tips to give you a great reputation online

Does your business have a reputation online? With 98% of Americans using the Internet, it is essential for businesses to have a strong online presence. At the beginning of 2013 it was recorded that the average working American spends 26 […]
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October 23, 2013

Work On the Go!

A colossal amount of professionals can’t afford to be tied down to their desk. Their job requires them to be constantly on the go.  We have acknowledged even if you’re not in your office you still need to be able […]
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October 11, 2013

Phone Acronyms

FluentStream is all about simplicity. We don’t ever want customers to be a-deer-in-the-headlights with our terminology. Though we try to steer away from these “acronyms”, we think it is important that everyone has these in the back of their head. […]
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October 10, 2013

Features Spotlight! Phone Numbers & Cooler Voicemail-to-Email

You spoke and we heard. We have given you more power via MyFluentCloud. We want to continue to strive for a user-friendly portal, where you are able to make changes quickly and easily. With these new exciting features to MyFluentCloud, […]
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