Working remotely sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? You can roll out of bed at least an hour later, cook yourself an elaborate breakfast and stay in your pajamas all day long. Maybe you even eat said breakfast in front of the […]
Not 20 minutes after I arrived at work yesterday, my desk phone rang. It was my boss. He works remotely and he called to tell me that starting today, we would all be working remotely.  My first thought was ‘Awesome! […]
Setting up the necessary components to enable your staff to work remotely can seem daunting. All the different moving pieces and logistics that need to be figured out is enough to make your brain hurt. Well, while we can’t help […]
Considering allowing your team to work remotely, huh? I mean, why not? It boosts morale, saves costs and empowers your employees. Lots of articles by some very smart people have been written about the benefits. So, it’s a win/win/win situation… […]
With FluentStream WebPhone, you can comfortably work from home while staying fully connected to your customers and coworkers.  What is the WebPhone? WebPhone is a browser-based softphone that gives you access to all the call, voicemail, and text functionality you […]