As business texting becomes an increasingly important way to connect with customers, you may find yourself asking: Spoiler Alert for everyone using FluentStream: the answer is yes!  Let's walk through how. Your FluentStream service is fully-hosted in the cloud, so […]
Business texting offers a number of benefits for both you and your customers, but it seems like most businesses still aren’t sure how to use texting to better connect with customers. 86% of small business owners who use text messages […]
Great question, Brady!  Automatic Text Reply is a convenient auto-attendant feature that allows you to instantly text pre-written information to your clients.  It’s a handy tool for appointment-based businesses or anyone who gets frequent questions about their address, hours of […]
Here at FluentStream, we live and breathe client success. We aim to design software that's simple enough for everyone to use. And we're committed to providing award-winning onboarding and technical support. We believe that treating clients properly should be at […]