Calling All Developers!

Our newest online resource, the FluentStream Developer Platform, provides developers with the tools and flexibility to build automated workflows, integrate software, and ultimately, optimize business communication.

API Platform

The FluentStream API Platform offers limitless functionality and allows for automated tests, validations, and proxies while providing rich documentation throughout.

It currently includes APIs for the control platform, user, extensions, device management and more. It is the key component to manage and customize our cloud PBX platform to work with the existing systems your business already uses. It’s always growing, open-source, and developer-friendly.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.13.47 AM

To gain access to our API Platform, simply sign up for a developer account and you’ll get started in no time. Get Your Developer Account.

FluentStream Developer Website

Our new developer platform focuses on helping developers learn the scope and flexibility of our API Platform.

It includes our App Gallery where you can view current integrations or add your own.

You’ll also find a series of Use Cases that demonstrate what you can do with our API platform.

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Additionally, we’ve added access to a number of support channels. Including our GitHub page, Community Slack developer channel, and more.

Visit the FluentStream Developer Platform to see the rest of our resources and to get a glimpse of what’s possible when you combine your imagination and our business phone service.

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