WebPhone: More than Just a Softphone

If you’ve even dipped your toes into the world of VoIP communications, you’ve probably come across the term softphone. I hate to burst your bubble, but softphone doesn’t mean a phone made out of stress ball material. But yes, that is an amazing idea.

First things first…let’s talk about what a softphone ACTUALLY is.


Put simply: a softphone is a software application that uses your computer to make and receive phone calls.


Softphones use software to recreate the functionality of a desk phone on your screen. Rather than relying on phone lines or handsets, they use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to make calls over the internet. There are many different softphone providers and all of them offer the same basic call, voicemail, and dial pad functionality as your desk phone.

Softphones run on most devices, including Mac and Windows computers, Linux devices, desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

As long as you have speakers, a microphone and an internet connection, you can use a softphone as if it was a regular phone.

It’s for this reason that softphones are a great option for people who regularly work outside of a traditional office (or home office) environment.

For businesses trying to keep communications costs low, softphones also provide a low-cost way to avoid purchasing additional physical phones.


While most softphone providers are content with simply letting you make calls on a computer, FluentStream’s WebPhone contains additional functionality that you just can’t get from those other guys (or from even your deskphone).

Still need some convincing? Let's go over some of that additional functionality we just mentioned.

Convenient Text Messaging

One of the really special things that WebPhone lets you do is send and receive text messages using your business phone number. No longer will you need to give your customers your personal cell number to text them. With WebPhone you can text back and forth from the convenience of your computer.

One of the really great features about WebPhone is that it automatically alerts you to new replies so you can keep texting customers without missing a thang.

Plays Nicely with All Your Favorite Features

SInce WebPhone was developed for FluentStream, by FluentStream, it integrates flawlessly with all the other cool things you can do with FluentStream.

Including the ability to:

Click any number on your computer screen and call it (like you can do on your cell phone)
Pre-record your voicemails to make sure your messages sound perfect every time
Access all your contacts as well as view a full record of all of your phone interactions

Easiest Download in the West

Most softphones require you to sign up for an application, input a product key, verify an account, and all other manner of nonsense. WebPhone is designed to be as convenient as possible, which is why we’ve made it can be instantly downloaded and accessed on any device.

The Basics Made Better

I know I just made a big deal out of all the things Webphone does in addition to the basics, but it also does those pretty darn well.

  • HD-quality Calls
  • Voicemail
  • Call Transfers
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Call Forwarding

Everything you need to turn your computer into a mobile office, designed to be as quick and seamless as possible.

For more information on how WebPhone can benefit your business, contact our communications experts at [email protected] or by calling 303-GO-CLOUD and selecting Option 1.

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