Automatic Call Recording With Cloud Storage

There's nothing worse than hanging up an important call and then immediately realizing you forgot to write something down. That's why FluentStream is proud to include automatic call recording with Cloud Storage for all Advanced and Complete packages.

With FluentStream, you have all the cloud space you need to store your call recordings for compliance purposes or have the added peace of mind knowing your recordings are always available.

Keep Track of Every Detail With Secure Call Recordings

Whether you’re a law firm with high-profile cases, a medical facility with compliance requirements, or a call center that wants to record call activity for training purposes, you need to know your files are accessible and secure.

FluentStream provides clients with the security of knowing that all calls are recorded and easy to find when you need them.

Every FluentStream account includes 1 Gigabyte of call recording storage for free.

Cloud Storage Purchasing Options:

  • A la Carte - Clients who don't choose to purchase a storage subscription will receive 1 gigabyte of storage free, and will then be charged $5 per gigabyte for each additional gigabyte of storage used. 
  • Monthly Subscription - Clients are able to purchase monthly subscriptions for additional storage space based on the chart below.
per GB charges
Subscription Al a Carte
0-1 GB $0.00 $0.00
2-10 GB $4.00 / GB $5.00 / GB
11-100 GB $3.00 / GB $5.00/ GB
101-1,000 GB $2.00 / GB $5.00/ GB
> 1 TB $1.00 / GB $5.00 / GB

Frequently asked questions

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