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Becoming an Affiliate Partner

FluentStream's Affiliate Program is for companies that want to generate more leads and earn commissions on providing a better communications experience for their customers.

As an Affiliate Partner, you'll receive up-to-date promotional material, training to highlight all the fancy new functionalities we cook up, and of course, recurring commissions on new customers.


Becoming an Integration Partner

FluentStream's Integration Program is for companies that want to widen their customer pool by establishing an integration between their technology and our FluentCloud platform.

As an Integration Partner, our development team will work directly with you to seamlessly integrate your software or application and then actively promote it, helping you attract more customers. We'll also provide personalized training and marketing support to keep you up to date on new opportunities.

Becoming a Channel Partner

FluentStream's Channel Program is for companies that want to build a scalable relationship and add cloud-based communications functionality into their core offerings.

As a Channel Partner, we will work closely with your team to provide comprehensive training, co-create marketing material, and build unique and innovative solutions. Not only will your customers enjoy full access to FluentStream's industry-leading technical support, but you'll also increase your recurring revenue.


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