It’s the End of the….year! Thanks 2016!

The New Year is just about here and FluentStream Technologies continues to push forward and challenge the world on what it means to have a business phone system.

2016 was a very busy year for us, and you. We surpassed the 100 feature milestone (we now have 106 total features). We would like to take a moment and reflect on the year’s accomplishments and some mind boggling, warp defying, juicy numbers.

In 2016, you’ve been busy! You took to your handsets like glue in order to make over 30,221,869 calls! This means you were the talk of the town for 57,906,865 minutes!  That’s an incredible 110 years worth of continuous talk time in just 1 year. We know this isn’t the matrix but… Whoa!

Juicy call numbers

Juicy call stats! Enjoy!


Our commitment to our customers is always our top priority.
This year we earned an average NPS score of 43, we thank you. We’ve kept your average hold times just under 7 seconds, and as always, 99.999% service uptime. We pride ourselves on providing top notch quality service AND support to all our customers. We will only get better.

Integrations For Business Productivity

This past year we introduced several new integrations for you. We starting with creating a new WebPhone integration with Google Apps and Office 365. Now you can dial a number directly from within gmail or office365 web services. Next, we launched two great ways control your phone system.  Integrations with Telegram and “Alexa”, also known as Amazon Echo enable you to send and receive information from your FluentCloud Portal account either by text or more futuristically, your voice.

new integrations


Features, Features, Features!

When we say features, we mean features. This year we developed over 20 new features– some of which no other VoIP provider has ever offered. Take a look at a some of the new features below.


Position In Queue
FluentCloud Live Notes
FluentCloud Meetings
Roles/Group Permissions
Voicemail Drop
Customizable Portal
Live Manager
FluentCloud Dashboards
Notification Workflows
Queue & Agent Filtering
Pre-answer Recordings
FluentCloud Tags
Custom Conference Rooms
Expiring Time Conditions
Email To Fax

Whew! More features are already being worked on as you read this. Stay tuned for more.

FluentCloud Meetings

FluentCloud Meetings is our brand new video conferencing solution. With FluentCloud Meetings you can meet face-to-face with your co-workers or friends, screen share, and chat with others all while integrating with your existing FluentStream phone system. Hold video conferences with anyone you want, as long as they have a web cam. NOTE: this feature only works with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers. Sorry ie.

FC Meetings_EOY-02

FluentCloud Meetings start screen

For Developers Eyes Only

It’s code! Tell them it’s made from code! This year we launched our new Developer Portal. Here you’ll be able to find inspiration as well as tips and tricks for creating your own phone system compatible apps using the FluentStream API. You can also request a free API key for yourself so you can start making your own apps within the FluentStream platform.


Our new developer portal

FluentStream Beta Program

No, it’s not the fish. It’s the introduction of the new FluentStream beta program. This program lets current customers who choose to join get early access to new features that are not available to the general public. This gives us a chance to test new features in the wild and gain valuable feedback from users. This way we can fix issues before they go live.

Signup For Beta

Overall it was a good year. Even though the television might say otherwise. We’re thankful for the time and effort you’ve taken by giving us feature ideas and feedback to help us provide the best possible phone system for each of you. 2017 promises to be even better. Thank you and happy New Year!

Best wishes,