Features | Automatic Queue Callback

Features | 3-Way Calling

Automatic Queue Callback

Allows a caller to receive an automatic callback as soon as a queue agent is available.

  • Relieves caller stress by giving them an option other than waiting on hold
  • Eliminates the need for an agent to break their workflow and refer to a notification when a caller has requested a callback.
  • Ensures, 100%, that the caller keeps their place in line.
  • Add an elite level of support to your operations

How Automatic Queue Callback Helps Your Business

Automatic Queue Callback offers your callers on hold the option to escape the queue, keeping their place 100% guaranteed while they wait for the next available agent. This is a great option for contact centers that experience high call volume or anyone who wants every caller to feel like a VIP. Plus, your agents will never have to worry about missing a callback request or replying later than expected, improving the call experience on both ends.