Features | Call Forwarding

Features | Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding

Direct calls to as many predetermined numbers as you configure, and safeguard your ability to work from any location.

    • Ability to forward calls to multiple numbers
    • Set devices to ring sequentially or simultaneously
    • Define number of rings per device before being forwarded to the next number
    • Fully customizable via My FluentCloud

    How Call Forwarding Helps Your Business

    Call Forwarding allows you to forward your calls to preselected numbers so you can work from anywhere. You and your team can stay in communication, whether you are in the office or elsewhere. Activate call screening to ensure that your callers are identified before their calls are forwarded to you and set default rules for specific criteria such as, how your calls are forwarded if you choose not to answer or if your phone is busy, ensuring your business calls stay professional across the four corners of the world. To learn more, view our Call Forwarding User Guide.

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