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    Access your recordings from My FluentCloud Web Portal anytime.

  • Customizable

    Record inbound/outbound calls for select extensions, departments, or the entire office.

  • Integration Compatible

    Attach call recordings to tickets or customer leads directly in your favorite CRM or Help Desk platform.

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How Call Recording Helps your business

Your phone system needs to be able to keep up with the needs of your business. Unless you have true eidetic memory, Call Recording is one of the most versatile and powerful features you can ask for.

With FluentStream, you can opt to keep a call recording of all your calls. Recorded calls work well for training purposes, to stay legally compliant, or just as a reminder of your plans.

With our integrations, it’s even possible to attach a call recording to a help desk ticket. You can even attach call recordings to leads and opportunities within a CRM like Salesforce.

The flexible nature of our call recording solutions can be customized to record only the calls you want. For example, you can record all calls, limit recording to a particular department or just to a single line.

“Call Recording has helped my employees serve clients far better.”Ophelia Masterson, CEO Masterson Electronics

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