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FluentCloud Live Notes

FluentCloud Live Notes sends conversation notes between agents when the call is transferred.

    • Send notes as you transfer a call
    • Quick and easy setup
    • Google Chrome extension
    • Works with ClickToCall

    How FluentCloud Live Notes Helps Your Business

    FluentCloud Live Notes makes it easy to send extra information about the conversation to the agent the call is being transferred to. This feature is part of ClickToCall. Imagine you’re in support, you get a call and it turns out they will have to be transferred to a higher tier. With Live Notes you can add any relevant information about your caller and send it along with the call transfer to you colleague. What if you’re in sales and you get a customer with needs better suited to another team member? Just type in the callers information in Live Notes and transfer the call to your colleague. Simple as that.

    • Live Notes feature
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