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Discover how FluentStream can help your business.

FluentCloud for Office 365

A fully functional, fully featured WebPhone that can be used inside your Office 365 web apps.

    • Ditch your desk phone! Call directly from your browser
    • Works in Mail, Calendar, People, and more
    • Full call controls intelligently arranged within a single frame
    • SMS, Call, Voicemail, Transfers, and more

    How FluentCloud for Office 365 Helps Your Business

    FluentCloud for Office 365. is a dynamic and intelligently organized Chrome browser-based VoIP powered WebPhone. FluentCloud for Office 365 enhances your business communication. Quite often, you are using multiple devices for just one purpose: Communication. Maximize your office productivity by integrating your FluentStream VoIP service directly into your Office 365 web apps.

    This Chrome extension seamlessly embeds into Office 365 Outlook. It sits on the right side, is easily accessible, and can be minimized to increase screen space. Make calls, send text messages, listen to and track your voicemail, and transfer calls to any phone number.

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