• Convenient dashboard so you can view all the data you care about

  • Team leaders can sign agents in and out directly from their dashboard

  • Easily monitor both team and individual stats without needing separate reports

  • Automatic alerts when your queues reach capacity


Tiles makes it easier to manage your day

Stats Tiles such as Average Call Time, Total Calls Completed, and Average Time on Hold let you know at a glance how your team is performing each day.

Arrange your widgets however works best for your workflow.

Whether you manage Sales, Support, or both, FluentCloud Insights provides the real-time data you need to keep getting better.

Queue Alerts make sure you always know what's happening

Queue widgets break down how your team is performing as a unit, perfect for managers trying to bring down hold times or improve their SLA.

Queue Alerts let you know when your queues are near/at capacity so you can stay ahead of the situation. Just set the number of active callers you want to be notified about and we'll pop up yellow or red warnings based on the severity of the situation.


See how else FluentCloud Insights can improve your call management


If you're still using FluentCloud Live Manager to track your queue data,

it's time to make the switch to FluentCloud Insights.

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