• Ease of Use

    Access SMS messages directly in your My FluentCloud Web Portal.

  • Be More Efficient

    Send messages quickly, instead of hammering out long email chains.

  • Personal Communication

    Chat one-on-one directly from the web portal or on your mobile device.

  • Mobile Ready

    Use SMS from within your FluentCloud for Mobile app.

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How SMS Helps your business

Sometimes you don’t actually need to call someone. Perhaps they are in a meeting or giving a presentation. A phone call would be inconvenient and a voicemail may never be heard. However, a person is much more likely to take a quick look at a text message.

In cases like this, it makes more sense to send an SMS message to your intended recipient than trying to call or leaving a voicemail.

You can send SMS messages from the My FluentCloud Web Portal or from your FluentCloud Mobile apps.

It’s a quick and easy way to communicate one-on-one with your co-workers and a good way to reduce the number of emails you will have to send.

“SMS Chat makes it easy for my employees to communicate with each other and the management team.”Dr. James Oblenk, Faculty Solutions

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