• Keep All The Voicemail

    Beyond just getting an email alert, you can always log into My FluentCloud on your phone or PC and listen to all of your voicemails.

  • Customizable

    During initial setup, you can adjust various features, such as attaching voicemails to an email, or even sending out notifications via SMS.

  • My FluentCloud Portal

    All Voicemail To Email settings are managed from the My FluentCloud Web Portal.

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How Voicemail To Email helps your business

Chances are, if you’re a busy business professional, you probably don’t have time to sit around an office phone all day. When you’re out and about, our Voicemail to Email feature will notify you when you receive a new voicemail, allowing you to check your messages at your convenience.

Get voicemail notifications sent to the email of your choice. You can even set up your Voicemail to Email to include the voicemail sound file with your notification email. This makes it much easier to manage your voicemail.

“I love being able to hear my voicemails on my cell phone when I’m out off the shop.” Gerald Rowe - Rowe Hydraulics

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