Workflow Coordinator (INTERNAL ONLY)

Roles and Responsibilities

The Workflow Coordinator( WFC) position is a critical role to the success of FluentStream. As the WFC you are responsible for managing all incoming Customer Support requests and assigning those requests to the appropriate Streamer.  Company SLA will be your roadmap to help you decide which Streamer the request is to be assigned. In addition you are responsible for the accuracy of data within each request for example Account Info, Contact info, Case severity, Case product and Case reason. As the WFC your main daily responsibilities will be to monitor the team’s active pipelines, re-assigning cases as necessary to maintain SLAs.  

Requirements to be considered

  • Must be a T2 
  • Attendance is critical in this role. You must have displayed consistent and regular attendance.
  • Track record of problem solving and critical decision making skills
  • Track record of Excellent customer service -putting the customer first
  • You cannot be on an active final written warning within the last 6 months

Phone Duties

  • Log in to the Intake Queue at the beginning of your shift 
  • Answer any incoming call to you within 10 sec
  • Gather the information about the customer and look them up in Service Cloud to determine the service tier
  • Transfer the call to the appropriate queue using a feature code
  • Monitor Live Manager and Insights assuring the phone SLA across all queue are being meet
  • Manage staffing as needed to best maintain SLAs

Case Duties

  • Sign into Omni Channel 
  • Assign a case and case severity based on current caseload of agents
  • Escalate cases as needed
  • Check deputy to see who is out for the day on the schedule 
  • Reassign/work cases in lieu of people who are absent 
  • Merge cases as needed
  • Mark cases as Spam if necessary
  • Monitor case loads intraday and move cases and necessary
  • Manage caseloads and staffing as needed to maintain SLAs

Other Duties

  • Communicate with Support leadership as necessary to maintain SLAs
  • Identify patterns in cases and communicate immediately (example: an outage)
  • Assist the Support team when needed to maintain SLAs
  • Identify process improvements
  • Follow up with customers as required

Tools to use
Salesforce Dashboard of seeing who has cases and how many of which severity/service tier
Insights to see who is in the queue
Live Manager to monitor the Streamers
Deputy to evaluate daily rosters

Compensation: $21.50/hr.

Anticipated Work Schedule: There are two (2) openings for this position.  Each person will be assigned to one of the two following shifts

  • 6:00am – 2:30pm MST
  • 9:30am – 6:00pm MST
Open Roles: Client Experience
Role Type: Full Time
Role Location: Remote

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