Your Phone System is Losing You Business—But How Much?

Most businesses don’t understand how much their own phone system can hold them back from giving every caller a positive, professional experience. Every new caller who gets left on hold is lost business. Every potential client sent to voicemail is likely to call one of your competitors right after. 

To help you see how much communications issues could be costing you every month, try out this quick Lost Revenue Calculator. 

Losing more money than you expected? Yeah… we get that a lot. 

The good news is many of the issues that result in lost business are preventable with the right communications tools. FluentStream helps you answer more calls and cut down on hold times, turning more of your callers into happy customers. 

That means more monthly revenue for you, and less in the pockets of your competitors. 

Want to keep that money from flying out your door? Us too. Join hundreds of other companies who have solved issues just like these by working with FluentStream. 

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