Call Connect

No matter what industry you’re in, you need a communication platform that can keep up. That’s why we’ve tailored our phone system to help outbound calling teams make more calls, expand their pipeline, and connect with more people.

Local Presence Dialing

Cold calling is hard. Getting a prospect to answer the phone doesn’t have to be. Establish a local presence from anywhere with Local Presence Dialing.

Get Local

Voicemail Drop

Voicemail Drop allows sales agents drop pre-recorded voicemails at the click of a button. Increase sales call volume by 66% and boost conversion rates for higher sales productivity.

Drop In

“We are growing and are growing fast. I’m happy to say FluentStream has made it easy to face increases in calls.”

– Peter Feinstein, President/CEO of Higher Power Marketing

Call Converge

Seamlessly integrate your phones with the technologies your team already uses. From connecting prospect data in a CRM, to rapidly dialing straight from your web browser, FluentStream enables your team to work faster and more efficiently.
Increase productivity, identify new opportunities, and eliminate bottlenecks.

Smile and Dial is out. Smart Calling is in.

Call Convert

Enable your outbound calling team to manage larger call volumes, increase close rates, and boost revenue.

Returned Call Routing
Automatically route your returned calls to the sales agent who made the call, eliminating the need for in-house call routing.

Success in Numbers
 More call volume, more call pickups, and means more revenue for your business, and more success for your team.

Instantly dial phone numbers on your browser with the click of a button, empowering your agents to rapidly find the right people to talk to.

Call Calculate

See the impact of your calling efforts with FluentStream, and bring your team to the top using metrics that actually matter.

Improvement in Call Volume
Improvement in Pickup Rates
Increase in Conversion Rates
Reduction in Agent Fatigue
Overall Sales Team Efficiency
  • Measurable ROI

    Our fully-hosted VoIP system was designed to help your sales team grow their pipeline and convert more leads. Measure, report, and improve.

  • Data Analytics

    Better BI means better optimization of your resources. Condense all call reporting into one dashboard that can be fully configured to your unique operation.

  • My FluentCloud Live Manager

    Track the performance of your sales team, listen to call recordings, and enhance productivity as your operation grows.