FluentStream strives to make our fully-hosted VoIP service the best it can be. Because of this, we include integrations with some of the best CRM and support software in the world. This includes Salesforce, Freshdesk, Zendesk, and many more!

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Choose Your Integration

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  • Salesforce Integration
    Improve your Salesforce workflow with ClickToCall from FluentStream.
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    Zendesk Integration
    Seamlessly integrate your Zendesk help desk with inbound and outbound calls.
  • Freshdesk Integration
    Support calls have never been this informative and speedy. Know who's calling, see their data. All before you answer the phone.
  • ClickToCall for Google Chrome
    ClickToCall for Google Chrome is the magic behind the scenes that makes everything work.
  • FluentCloud For Office 365
    The first truly embedded webphone for Office 365.
  • FluentCloud For Google
    You gmail has never worked this good. See how FluentCloud For Google can help your business.
  • Vanillasoft Integration
    Improve your everyday VanillaSoft workflow with ClickToCall integration from FluentStream.
  • Telegram Integration
    Telegram Integration
    Integrate FluentCloud with your favorite messenger.
  • Alexa Integration
    With FluentStream for Alexa, you can now use your own voice to interact with your business phone system
  • Bullhorn Integration
    Improve your recruitment efforts with FluentStream for Bullhorn
  • Microsoft Active Directory
    Integrate FluentCloud with your Active Directory Servers
  • FluentStream API Platform
    Extend the capabilities of your phone system, or build your own integration. Contact us for more information.

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