• Enterprise ready

    Works with other servers using the LDAP standard, including 389ds, OpenLDAP , Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and Read Only Domain Controllers. Also supported are Domain Controllers in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

  • Increased Security

    Keep your existing security measures in place, by authenticating with our servers using your own Active Directory and LDAP services.

  • Ease of Use

    If you add, remove, or disable a user, this will automatically reflect in FluentCloud with no additional provisioning work. This will fit seamlessly into your organization’s Identity Management strategy.

  • Exclusivity

    No other hosted VoIP provider offers this kind of service to their customers.

LDAP Integration scheme

NOTE: There are several configurations and integrations required for this to work. If this feature is important to your organization please contact us.

works on microsoft azure cloud platform

FluentStream + You + Azure

Our ability to work with your own Active Directory setup using LDAP extends to the cloud. Our Active Directory integration can be extended to work on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Take your ops and your phone system to the clouds and beyond.

Not using Active Directory? We have you covered!

chrome integration
freshdesk integration
salesforce integration
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