• Instant Candidate Intel

    Recruiters using Bullhorn will receive instant information with an on screen pop-up for each inbound call.

  • Save time Staffing

    Streamline your recruiting experience by having candidate information at your fingertips, saving you valuable time and duplicated efforts.

  • Candidate Info

    Instantly take and show relevant notes about the candidates you are interviewing. Update existing candidates, or create new profiles for first time phone screen candidates.

  • Instant Dial

    Use ClickToCall to increase your recruitment success by connecting with more candidates, faster.

Supercharge your staffing with FluentStream for Bullhorn.

Our Bullhorn integration boosts your ability to communicate with candidates and optimize the recruitment cycle, all from one comprehensive business phone platform. No desktop installation or software to download. Our integration runs directly in your Chrome web browser in the Bullhorn platform you already use so you can seamlessly integrate your voice calls with your applicant tracking and dashboard.

Don’t use Bullhorn? We have you covered!

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