Voicemail Drop: Accelerate Outbound Calling

Leave pre-recorded voicemails with the click of a button to increase call volume for your reps or agents.
Boost cold calling productivity by up to 66% each day.

Number of Sales Representatives:
Sales Calls per Representative, per Day:

Your sales team could be increasing their calls by up to 30 calls per month!

How Voicemail Drop Works

Pre-record your voicemail(s) and upload.

Call prospect(s) and click the Voicemail Drop button to leave the voicemail.

Move on to the next prospect to call on your list!

Average Additional Calls
Per rep/per day with Voicemail Drop

Grow your pipeline.
Connect with more people, faster.

Give your reps the ability to leave an automated pre-recorded voicemail with the click of a button. Save time and increase call rates per agent.

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Increase call back rate.
Personalize Interactions.

Leave the perfect message every time with pre-recorded voicemail to ensure agents hit each talking point with confidence. Prepend voicemails with personalized introductions to enhance customer experience, increase callback rates, and drive conversions.

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A/B test connect rates.
Optimize sales rep performance.

Record messages directly in My FluentCloud Portal or upload your own. Users can make as many recordings as needed. Test different voicemail recordings to optimize messaging and delivery.

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