Automatic Call Recording With Cloud Storage

Automatic and on-demand call recording options with affordable cloud storage. Every FluentStream account includes 1 GB of storage FREE.

Cloud Storage Purchasing Options


Monthly Subscription

Customers are able to purchase monthly subscriptions for additional storage space based on the chart below.


A la carte

Customers who don't purchase a storage subscription will receive 1 gigabyte free, and will then be charged $5 per gigabyte for each additional gigabyte used.

Storage Size Subscription Cost A La Carte
First 1 GB Free Free
2 - 10 GB $4 per GB $5 per GB
11 - 100 GB $3 per GB
101 - 1000 GB $2 per GB
> 1 TB $1 per GB

Remember Every Detail of Every Call

Call Recording Storage makes it easy to keep track of all your deals and customer interactions without having to keep notes or ask for clarification.


Secure Long-Term Storage

FluentStream’s cloud infrastructure securely stores your recordings in perpetuity, allowing your team to access any conversations on any internet connected device.


Easy Compliance with Call Recording Requirements

FluentStream provides all the compliance features and call recording storage options your business needs to meet industry guidelines.

Works Great With These Features


Voicemail Drop


Smart Call Queues


Advanced Call Center Analytics

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