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Take your business anywhere and manage calls from everywhere with FluentStream’s suite of advanced apps, built especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

FluentStream Mobile

Free with Advanced and Complete plans

Working from home, the airport, or a coffee shop? No problem! With FluentStream’s user app, the world is your office.

  • Use your personal phone to call and text from your work extension
  • Update call routes and phone system settings anytime, on any device
  • Remotely manage contacts and check voicemails
  • Automatically sync your business contacts to your mobile device
“I’m so excited about this new tool. FluentStream Admin is intuitive and efficient. It’ll make my job easier and give me more flexibility and control. I appreciate that FluentStream listens to customer needs and delivers valuable tools like this that enable us to operate more effectively.”

Natalie Merry
Director of Technology


FluentStream Admin

For account holders with administrator-level access.

Stay in control from anywhere with FluentStream Admin, with advanced features to optimize your phone system and customer experience.

  • Ensure a unified presence across hybrid or fully-remote workforces
  • Save a trip to the office with the ability to add, modify, or remove users and reset user passwords remotely
  • Monitor your phone system and set custom notifications
  • Get automatic updates across all apps and devices
“I like it. FluentStream Mobile is very simple to use. It looks just like the desktop app, which is great. It’s nice that you can sync your FluentStream contacts with the app on your phone.”

Richard Carpenter
President of Client Services


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