Empower your Team With FluentStream for Microsoft Teams

Unlock seamless communication with calling, video, fax and more within your Microsoft Teams environment.

Microsoft Teams, Powered by FluentStream

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FluentStream operates in the background to support dependable calling while users interact with the familiar Microsoft Teams interface.
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Effortless Integration

Enjoy full phone capabilities within Microsoft Teams – your phone will ring where you want: via Teams, mobile app, and even your desk phone, ensuring you never miss a call, no matter where you are.

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All-In-One Solution

Call, chat, fax, video conference, and reporting – utilizing FluentStream's reliable service on the backend while you interact with the familiar Microsoft Teams interface.

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Separation of Business and Personal Communications

Make calls from your business phone number using the Microsoft Teams app, keeping your work and personal interactions separate, without giving out your personal phone number.

Ease of Use for Admins

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Advanced Call Analytics

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