Tax Exemptions Forms and FAQ's

Tax Exemptions Forms

Federal Forms

2021 Federal Universal Service Fund Certificate (FUSF)
Covers Federal Universal Service Fund surcharge

Federal Excise Certificate (FET)
Covers Federal Excise Tax

Multi-Jurisdiction Forms

911 Exemption Certificate
Covers 911/E911 and other Regulatory taxes, fees and surcharges on wholesale service

Regulatory Exemption Certificate (REG)
Covers state regulatory fees such as state PUC fees, TRS and DEAF surcharges

Multijurisdiction Exemption Certificate (MULTI)
Covers most states’ sales and telecommunication taxes

Gross Receipts Exemption Certificate (GRT)
Covers certain state and local gross receipts tax surcharges

State Universal Service Fund Certificate (SUSF)
Covers State Universal Service Fund surcharges

State Forms

Colorado DR-0563
Required for resale; covers Colorado sales tax

Colorado Home Rule City-X
Required for resale; covers Colorado Home Rule City sales tax

Florida DR-13 & DR-700015
Website Link Covers Florida sales and telecommunications taxes

Hawaii G-17
Required for resale; covers Hawaii sales and telecommunications taxes

Illinois CRT-61
Required for resale; covers Illinois sales and telecommunications taxes

Indiana Form ST-109
Website Link Covers Indiana sales taxes

Indiana Form ST-200
Utility Sales Tax Exemption Application for Indiana State issued form

Kentucky 51A105
Required for resale; covers Kentucky sales taxes

Louisiana R-1332
Required for resale; covers sales and telecommunications taxes

Massachusetts ST-4
Required for resale: covers Massachusetts sales taxes

Mississippi Sales Tax Permit
Website Link Covers Mississippi sales and telecommunications sales tax

Montana Form TEC
Covers Montana telecommunications taxes

New Hampshire DP-143
Communications Services Tax application for New Hampshire state issued form

New Mexico Nontaxable Transaction Certificate
Website Link Covers New Mexico sales and telecommunications taxes

New Mexico ACD-31050
Nontaxable Transaction Certificate application New Mexico state issued form

New York CT-120
Covers New York Sec. 186-e gross receipts tax surcharges and New York telecommunications taxes/fees

New York ST-120
Resale certificate; covers New York sales and telecommunications taxes

Pennsylvania Gross Receipts Certificate
Covers PA gross receipts tax surcharge

Virginia CT-10
Covers Virginia sales and telecommunications taxes

Washington Reseller Permit
Website Link Required for resale; covers Washington sales taxes

West Virginia Resale F0003
Website Link Required for resale; covers sales and telecommunications taxes

Frequently asked questions

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