Break-ups suck.

Break-ups suck. Break-ups suck particularly bad when, after the difficult decision has been made, you still have to deal with each other (e.g. you live or work together).

Businesses choose to break-up with their telecommunications providers for a whole host of reasons. Perhaps the provider exported their customer service overseas and ever since the business can’t get their problems solved or their needs met. Maybe the business found a more affordable solution or merged with a larger business who is happy with their current provider. Maybe the provider’s solution is outdated and the business is craving a technology re-up. Whatever the case, break-ups happen.

When a business chooses to end their relationship with their telecommunications provider, unfortunately for the business, they must continue to deal with the provider through the end of their contract or through the time until the new provider can take over (phone numbers must port to the new provider). Luckily for the provider (who is, of course, not excited about losing business) this gives them a window of opportunity by which to use aggressive tactics to try to win the business back. This may mean promises of reduced rates, a specialized support agent, or whatever.

When the business takes a moment, steps back, and says, “No! We were getting crappy service/paying too much/wasting too much time with this provider, our initial decision stands!” the losing provider sometimes sees this as an opportunity for some good ole’, high-school-style retribution. The already bad service somehow gets worse, attempts at reaching customer service become even more hopeless, and all sorts of weird stuff starts happening. Number porting (the tedious, form-laden process of transitioning phone numbers from one service provider to another) can be used as a tool to punish your business. In short, the business suffers for whatever length of time they continue to be subject to the crappy tactics of their losing provider.

All of this is to say that breaking up with FluentStream (while extremely rare) is an entirely different experience. Throughout the “break-up” we will continue to give your business the very best service possible (including, but not limited to, answering the phone when you call). There will be no “early termination fees” because you were never subject to a contract in the first place. We’re not going to try to convince you to change your minds- we know how much thought goes into these decisions. We will care- about why you’re leaving, about what we could have done better, and about the relationship that we have established with you and your business.  We know that someday you might want to come back and that our relationship could become a positive review or even a referral to your network. In short, we will take care of your business from day one through… forever.

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