• Keep Customers on the Line

    Call Queues helps keep your callers on the line. While they are routed to the next available person.

  • Management

    Manage high volumes of both call center agents and inbound calls.

  • My FluentCloud Portal

    A direct link to My FluentCloud Web Portal lets you get and visual representation of who is in the queues and who is not.

live view of all call queues

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How Call Queues helps your business

Call Queues helps business manage large numbers of callers and internal phone operators. You’re most likely to benefit from this feature if you run a contact center or support team.

This feature lets you manage your inbound calls. You may only have a limited number of agents that can be on the phone at one time. Call Queues will place callers in line, so that the next available agent will get to them next.

While callers on in a queue you can play messages and greeting to let them know about specials, features or other services you offer.

Using My FluentCloud Web Portal you can even get a live view of all your callers in a queue. Direct them to other extensions and more.

Call Queues along with the live views on the portal makes my job a lot easier and more organized.” Justine Makowski - Manager, Proqall Communications

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