• Extra Features

    ClickToCall enables various extra features and functionality in your phone system.

  • Customizable Features

    Add auto-answering options, Voicemail Drop, Live Notes and call notifications to you daily call routines.

  • Integrations

    ClickToCall enables the use of our integrations to various CRM and helpdesk platforms.

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How ClickToCall can help your business

ClickToCall is an integral part of the FluentStream hosted VoIP service. It’s designed to seamlessly integrate our service with your Google Chrome web browser and FluentCloud WebPhone.

ClickToCall turns your desktop browser into a more mobile-like experience, enabling you to click on a phone number on any page to start dialing from either your desk phone or WebPhone. When you have a headset attached, you can auto-answer incoming calls.

ClickToCall is also where integrations live. If you’re like most modern businesses, you probably use some kind of CRM like Salesforce, or a Help Desk System like Zendesk. ClickToCall makes it possible to answer an incoming call and have your software automatically create new leads or tickets for each caller.

For intra-office calling, there is Live Notes: a feature enabled by FluentStream’s ClickToCall. Live Notes allows you take notes about your caller and pass them onto another user within your organization. This is especially powerful for multi-tiered groups working in the same department.

“I really like the live notes feature. It save me time when transferring call to the various departments here.” Jenny Rollins - James Grant Toyota & Scion

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