Features | Voicemail

Features | Voicemail


On FluentStream’s hosted system, Voicemail is accessible from anywhere with a mobile device and an Internet connection.

  • Manage Voicemail via Visual Voicemail or WebPhone
  • Check Voicemail directly from a desk phone
  • Forward Voicemail to other extensions
  • Have Voicemail notifications texted to a mobile phone
  • Send Voicemail to Email

How Voicemail Helps Your Business

Each user with your FluentStream service has the option to set up a voicemail box. Administrators can set up mailboxes for teams, such as “Sales” or “Support”, so voicemail messages always get to the right person. Users have the ability to customize Voicemail settings specific to their needs. To learn more, view our Voicemail Settings User Guide on our Help Desk.