Features | FluentCloud Live Manager

Features | FluentCloud Live Manager

FluentCloud Live Manager

Manage calls, contacts, and other business phone settings directly from a Chrome browser.

    • Drag & drop phone calls to extensions or voicemail
    • Compatible with FluentCloud WebPhone, a traditional desk phone, or mobile device
    • Listen, Whisper, or Barge on calls
    • Ability to Transfer, Call Flip, and ClickToCall

    How FluentCloud Live Manager Helps Your Business

    FluentCloud Live Manager is directly linked with your FluentCloud login and extension. Administrators can receive in-app or desktop notifications, as well as status updates for call groups, queues, and agents. With easy search capability, you can type in the name of another user and choose to transfer the call to them rather than manually dial their number. Filtering capabilities allow users to sort extensions, agents, call groups, and call queues by favorites. To learn how to set up Administrator privileges, refer to our Admin Guide in the Help Desk.

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