How To Set Up FluentStream WebPhone

With FluentStream WebPhone, you can comfortably work from home while staying fully connected to your customers and coworkers. 

What is the WebPhone?

WebPhone is a browser-based softphone that gives you access to all the call, voicemail, and text functionality you need right from your computer. 

  • A complete dial pad so you can place calls from your computer exactly how you would from your desk phone 
  • Full voicemail capabilities
  • Easy access to all of your business contacts 
  • Send and receive text messaging from any of your business numbers 
  • Set your call forwarding settings

How You Can Start Using the FluentStream WebPhone Right Now

Step 1: Download the WebPhone by clicking one of the buttons below

Step 2: Log in with your My.FluentCloud web portal username and password

If you aren’t sure what your login credentials are, check with your office admin or contact FluentStream Support at 303-GO-CLOUD and we’ll get you all set up. 

Step 3: Configure your settings to match your ideal remote work situation 

Desktop Notifications: Pick whether or not you’d like to receive popup notifications about new Calls, Voicemails, or Texts to your extension. 

Extension Status: Set your WebPhone extension to Available, Busy, Do Not Disturb, Invisible, or Out of Office depending on how/when you’d like to receive calls.

Ringtone Volume: Adjust how loudly your WebPhone rings depending on your specific remote work needs.

Audio Devices: Choose which device you’d like to use for conversations, including your computer’s internal microphone and speakers.

Step 4: Enjoy the perks of staying fully connected from anywhere!

Connect Your WebPhone with ClicktoCall+


If you work on a sales or support team, or generally make a high number of work calls throughout the day, you should connect your WebPhone with ClicktoCall+. 

Available here, ClicktoCall+ lets you call or text any phone number on your computer screen with a single click. When paired with the WebPhone, that lightning fast functionality transforms your humble laptop into a true mobile office. 

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