Introducing: 1,000 Free Toll-Free Minutes

FluentStream is excited to announce that we now offer 1,000 Free Toll-Free minutes per month for every Complete user included on your account. 

That’s right. 1,000 FREE minutes. For every Complete user. Every month. 

It’s the newest way we’re committed to making communications easy for you and your customers. Free for them to call, free for you to answer. That’s a win, win.

Here’s just a few of the fabulous things you can start doing every month with 1,000 free minutes: 

  • Have hundreds of sales conversations for free  
  • Answer hundreds of support calls for free 
  • Invest in more toll-free numbers since now you can use them for free
  • Increase your marketing spend now that you can answer all those new calls for free 

Only Complete Users receive 1,000 Free Toll-Free Minutes.

If you're an existing client with a plan that includes Complete Users and want to take advantage of this offer, or you want to upgrade your account to include Complete Users, fill out the form below and we’ll get you all set up in no time! 

For those of you still wondering why getting free minutes  every month is the cat’s pajamas, let’s take a look at what makes toll-free numbers so useful for small businesses.


Toll-free numbers help your business stand out and make it easy for customers to remember your contact number.

Provide Nationwide Service

Since toll-free numbers aren’t associated with local area codes, they give your business a professional, national presence whether customers are down the block or across the country. 

Having a national presence is especially useful for small businesses looking to reach as many new customers as possible. With a toll-free number, it doesn’t matter where you’re based because callers can safely assume that your services extend to them. 

Plus, even if you want to stay local, having a dedicated 1-800 number lends your business a level of credibility that local numbers simply can’t match. 

Be More Memorable

Many businesses use vanity toll-free numbers that spell a memorable word or phrase, to help their business stick in people’s minds. For instance, I will never ever be able to forget the Empire Today jingle

When customers are searching online for a specific service, and their screen is flooded with suggestions, having a phone number that stands out gives you an instant advantage. 

Track Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

Toll-free numbers are a critical part of any good marketing push. You can easily assign specific numbers to print ads, radio ads, or any number of online promotions and then sit back and track what works and what doesn’t .

With 1,000 toll-free minutes every month, you can afford to get more creative with your marketing and try out different promotions.


In addition to the 1,000 monthly minutes, upgrading to a Complete User opens up numerous new opportunities for you to put your toll-free numbers to work. Including:

  • Tackle the increased call volume you’ll be getting from your new toll-free campaigns with queues for your sales and support teams. 
  • Seamlessly integrate your phone system into your CRM so you can track all of your customers, users, deals and support tickets automatically. 
  • Track the performance of your toll-free numbers over time and stay on top of your team’s communications with powerful reporting tools. 

If you have any questions about how adding 1,000 toll-free minutes a month can benefit your business, please either fill out the form at the top of this page or reach out to our Communications Experts at or call 303-GO-CLOUD and select Option 1.

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