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5 Features You Didn’t Know Your Phone Could Have

Gone are the days when business communications are only done over a phone call. If you are running a business in the modern world, you know that this just doesn’t cut it. + Read more

5 Dreaded Calls Every Business Person Receives (And How FluentStream Makes Them Better)

Each day we make and take countless business calls. Some we love, some we don’t mind, and some we just don’t want to deal with. DISCLAIMER: I am NOT advocating + Read more

Exciting New Feature: Live Conferencing

We are very excited about the new feature on My FluentCloud! Live Conference View optimizes conference calls with new features that keep you organized, informed, and on top of your conference calls. + Read more

VanillaSoft and VAM dB Integrate with FluentStream VoIP

So you probably read this title and wondered what does that even mean?! And, how does this affect me? Well, it means just about anything. Integrations combine the programs you + Read more

The Day Google Died

“Is your Drive working?” “No. Why? Wait, what’s going on?” “Mine either. I can’t do any work. Everything is on the drive. EVERYTHING.” “Is this what the end of the + Read more

The Little Things That Matter

Recently, after a night on the town, I decided to order my first Uber ride. I had always been a skeptic – opting for taxis, buses, or, more often than + Read more

Introducing… Notifications Workflow Feature by FluentStream

Communication is key and we’re tailoring our FluentStream phone system to help you do just that.  FluentStream is always working on innovating new features that can help make things easier on + Read more

Get In Front of What’s Next: FluentStream At Denver Biz TechExpo 2015

      Is your company looking for the latest technology? Or to just swap idea with like minded technology evangelists? FluentStream is excited to be apart of the Denver + Read more

New Updates for FluentStream Customers

We @ FluentStream are always looking to improve the way business VoIP phone systems work. In this light we’ve now updated our system to include new features and new updates + Read more

Salesforce+FluentStream: Workflow Improved

Let’s set the scene prior to the Integration: One of your sales representatives get a call on their FluentStream phone. They see the name on the caller ID, but can’t + Read more

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