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Employee Spotlight: Sadie Fulton!

The Beatles have a song called “Sexy Sadie.” In it, they describe a girl who “made a fool of everyone” and “broke all the rules.” Pretty nasty, eh? While neither + Read more

What I’ve Learned About FluentStream After One Short Week

I’ve descended into the rabbit hole. I doubt Alice would know what do with herself.   Today marks the end of my first week at FluentStream Technologies. It has been + Read more

Five Things We Know to Be True

FluentStream has been around for many years doing the same thing: business phones. Here are some of things we’ve learned: Excellent phone support wins. We see this everyday. It goes + Read more

New Phone Alert! The Yealink CP-860 Conference Phone!

When my career first started (in sales), the blocky device on the left-hand side of my desk was my most important tool in succeeding, yet I didn’t seem to put + Read more

So… You want out of your business’s telecom contract. Here are some tips.

After scouring the internet for information about terminating telecom contracts, I am left with one primary takeaway: Telecom Contracts are nasty. I wouldn’t wish one on my worst enemy. To + Read more

Read this before your business counts Hosted VoIP out.

Hosted VoIP business phone systems allow their users many advantages; your business’s interest in one (or multiple) of those advantages is probably the reason you are reading this. Alas, your + Read more

The Secret Trick to Efficiently Managing Remote Employees

Winter isn’t coming, winter is upon us. While we still have sunny skies in Colorado, now there is the chance of snow on the ground. And sometimes, lots of it. + Read more

Employee Spotlight: Julian Katz!

It’s high time for the world to meet one of the friendly faces behind the scenes here at FluentStream. Introducing one of our talented software engineers, Julian Katz! Julian began + Read more

Don’t Let These Common VoIP Misconceptions Hold Your Business Back

Needless to say, the FluentStream marketing team spends a lot of time thinking about why businesses should adopt a Hosted VoIP business phone system, and why, given the obvious advantages + Read more

Calling your business sucks! Hosted VoIP can save the day (err… customer).

A friend recently told me the story of an experience she had calling a local salon to see about scheduling an appointment for a mani-pedi. #Firstworldproblems, but it was truly + Read more

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