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Introducing… Notifications Workflow Feature by FluentStream

Communication is key and we’re tailoring our FluentStream phone system to help you do just that.  FluentStream is always working on innovating new features that can help make things easier on + Read more

New Updates for FluentStream Customers

We @ FluentStream are always looking to improve the way business VoIP phone systems work. In this light we’ve now updated our system to include new features and new updates + Read more

Salesforce+FluentStream: Workflow Improved

Let’s set the scene prior to the Integration: One of your sales representatives get a call on their FluentStream phone. They see the name on the caller ID, but can’t + Read more

New Phone Alert. Coming Soon . . . the Polycom VVX101 and VVX201!

It rings, it rings, and it rings some more and although our phones might drive us crazy, we know that as long as it’s ringing, business is still running. Often + Read more

Customer Support: When we say fast, we mean it

We’ve set a new bar for customer support and we couldn’t be more proud. Although just a slight change to our homepage, you will now see how long the *actual* + Read more

FCC Decision Equalizes Telephone Industry for VoIP Providers

One simple vote has changed the competitive landscape of the telephone industry. Last week the FCC passed a vote to give VoIP providers direct access to phone numbers from numbering authorities. + Read more

Employee Spotlight: Daniel Hurst

Midwestern folks have a certain reputation for being nice, down-to-earth, and congenial. Salesman and Missourian Daniel Hurst is no exception. With never a bad word for anyone, he has been + Read more

The Times They Are A-Changin’

Apparently, the legendary musician Bob Dylan was right: the times they are a-changin’. And it would seem like they evolving very quickly, too! According to a May 2015 IHS Infonetics + Read more

REPORT: The Small Businesses Buyers Perspective on VoIP Solutions

The results are in! Small businesses are turning to VoIP for their business phone needs. Don’t take our word for it… Software Advice, a market research company based out of + Read more

10 Advantages of FluentCloud WebPhone for Chromebooks

More than 5 million businesses have “gone Google,” including 64% of the Fortune 500 companies. It is pretty clear why: the Google for Work toolkit is hugely robust. The toolkit + Read more

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