Preorder 844 Toll Free Number Now!

Toll free numbers, over time, have become more difficult to acquire.  Most of the previous prefixes (800, 888, 866, 877) become difficult to get, especially if you want a certain combination of digits for a vanity number.  Certain services such as can provide the previous prefixes, but at a marked up cost – sometimes as much as $1000 for certain numbers.  The most recent release was for 855 numbers.

You can now PREORDER the 844 prefix, which will be available to the general public on Dec 7th. With this preorder there will be more availability to get your company a vanity number with your desired combination of digits.

Toll free numbers main function is to provide free calls to callers calling your business.  With most phone plans nowadays being unlimited, this function is becoming irrelevant, but there are other reasons for your business to have a toll free number.  If you do business across the country, it is often more professional to have a toll free number.  Also having a vanity number that is easy to remember, 844-GO-CLOUD for example, also has a lot of value to a business.

Contact us today to PREORDER your new 844 Toll Free Number!

Call 303-GO-CLOUD then Option #2

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