Manage your small business phone system from anywhere with the new-and-improved FluentStream Admin App

In today's increasingly distributed workplaces, small and medium businesses need cloud communication tools that are as mobile as their workforce. Employees, no longer tied to a desk, need the ability to make, receive, and manage calls remotely. Many phone system administrators also work in a hybrid or remote environment and need even more functionality and control. That's where FluentStream Admin, the new app for administrators, comes in.

Included with most FluentStream VoIP phone service plans, FluentStream Admin is currently available for iOS devices (with the Android version coming soon). Small and medium business customers are already experiencing positive results.

“I’m so excited about this new tool,” says Natalie Merry, Director of Technology at FourStar Realty and 10-year FluentStream customer. “FluentStream Admin is intuitive and efficient. It’ll make my job easier and give me more flexibility and control. I appreciate that FluentStream listens to customer needs and delivers valuable tools like this that enable us to operate more effectively.”

Besides saving phone system administrators time and unnecessary trips to the office, FluentStream Admin has the potential for wide-reaching business impacts. Here are some of the ways FluentStream unified communications customers stand to benefit from using the Admin app.

Provide a smoother onboarding experience.

Once employees join your team, you can add and manage new user logins right from your mobile phone. You can also assign roles, grant permission, and reset user passwords within the app.

Once employees are added to your FluentStream phone system, they will have the ability to manage call preferences from a separate app — FluentStream Mobile. This app allows them to make and receive calls from their mobile device using their business extension, with other features like call forwarding, visual voicemail, and contact syncing that make it easy for them to stay connected from anywhere.

Put call routing on auto-pilot.

Most small businesses opt to route phone calls to a voicemail box after regular operating hours. With the Admin app's day to night mode, you can "set it and forget it."

Or, perhaps you need more flexibility. FluentStream Admin enables you to set custom rules and time conditions to ensure all of your calls go exactly where they need to, when they need to.

Improve your customer service.

Customization is key to delivering an exceptional calling experience. Things like missed calls during business hours can be a huge turnoff to customers, as can dropped calls or getting redirected several times before reaching the right person.

The Admin app, along with FluentStream’s award-winning cloud communications technology (with 99.99% uptime), is designed to ensure every interaction is as seamless as possible. In addition to offering sophisticated call routing features, the app allows system administrators to stay ahead of potential customer service or call center issues. For example, you can choose to receive notifications for event triggers like unanswered calls, wait times that exceed your service level agreement (SLA), or devices that fall offline. If there’s another person on your team who needs to be notified about phone system issues, you can opt to send them notifications, too.

Gain valuable insights.

FluentStream Admin puts data like call group and queue exits at your fingertips, allowing you to easily identify areas that need improvement and optimize your systems and operations accordingly. The app even analyzes customer sentiment in voicemails, allowing you to receive notifications when negative sentiment is detected. That way, you can prevent negative situations from escalating further by responding (or alerting team members to respond) promptly.

Emergency preparedness gets a boost.

Through FluentStream Admin, businesses will receive notifications whenever a 911 call is placed through their phone system, helping companies exercise their duty of care for employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

Use of FluentStream Admin requires an active FluentStream account and administrator-level access. Download FluentStream Admin for free in the App Store to stay in control of your phone system wherever business takes you.

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