As business texting becomes an increasingly important way to connect with customers, you may find yourself asking: Spoiler Alert for everyone using FluentStream: the answer is yes!  Let's walk through how. Your FluentStream service is fully-hosted in the cloud, so […]
Great question, Brady!  Automatic Text Reply is a convenient auto-attendant feature that allows you to instantly text pre-written information to your clients.  It’s a handy tool for appointment-based businesses or anyone who gets frequent questions about their address, hours of […]
What is a Notification Workflow? Great question, Brady! Notification Workflows is a highly customizable feature that sends a notification, or series of notifications, whenever a specific event takes place on your phone system. It basically boils down to “When ____ […]
     Anyone in landscaping, HVAC, or any type of field services knows that compromise isn’t an option. If you aren’t offering maximum value at the lowest price, the competition is. To stay on top, you stay up-to-date on all […]
         The power of the FluentCloud Web Portal has finally come to the palm of your hand! Out for both iOS and Android, the Mobile App allows you to check your voicemail, update forwarding settings, make calls […]