What is a Notification Workflow? Great question, Brady! Notification Workflows is a highly customizable feature that sends a notification, or series of notifications, whenever a specific event takes place on your phone system. It basically boils down to “When ____ […]
As your business grows, communicating quickly and efficiently becomes both more important and more difficult. The whole point of a Unified Communications (UC) system is to alleviate those difficulties, but how effective are they really? Before we dive in, let’s […]
Drumroll, please... FluentStream is now integrated directly inside VanillaSoft's sales engagement platform! Prioritizing leads, automating your sales cadences, and managing your contacts just got easier. Organizing your workflow takes a lot of time, and doesn't always produce the results you're […]
School districts need a phone system that’s just like their teachers- quick, dynamic, and always willing to go the extra mile. Though traditional analog PBX setups still get the job done, let’s take a look at all of the ways […]