FluentStream’s Enhanced Channel Program, Commission Buyout Incentive Boosts Partner Ecosystem Expansion

Originally published by Channel Marketer Report

FluentStream, a unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) provider for small and midsize organizations, reported significant gains in its partner ecosystem in 2022. Offering an enhanced partner program and an innovative buyout incentive, the company boosted its roster of channel partners by 235%. In the past two years, the company increased its customer base by 78%.

In 2022, FluentStream introduced its revamped partner program, including the buyout incentive. Historically telecom sales agents have lacked exit opportunities for the commission streams they built. FluentStream’s buyout incentive allows individual sales agents and partners the opportunity for a one-time commission buyout when they reach a defined commission threshold.

FluentStream designed this program to provide individual agents and partners with a lucrative option to realize immediate liquidity for the long-term commission stream they have earned. FluentStream is the only communications provider offering this Buyout Incentive, the company told CMR.

In addition to the Buyout Incentive, FluentStream is supporting partners with an portal that allows partners to register deals and access marketing materials to support their sales efforts. Partners can use their logo and seamlessly co-brand the marketing materials for distribution to their customers and prospects.

While the company does not have a standard MDF program, it does consider requests to co-sponsor events or perform joint marketing activities on an individual basis.

Partners can also participate in an affiliate program if they prefer FluentStream handle the majority of the sales, onboarding, and support processes.

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