Call Recording Cloud Storage: We Remember Everything So You Don’t Have To

Working in a busy office, there will come a time when you realize you’ve completely forgotten what a customer said on your last phone call. 

It could be because your wife sent you a funny meme and you lost your train of thought. Or it could be because your stomach was growling and feeding it became your all-encompassing focus. 

Whatever it was, you hung up the phone and didn’t complete your notes. 

Fortunately for your customers (and your wife), FluentStream allows all clients to automatically record all phone calls and store them in the cloud. 

If there were any details you aren’t sure about, you can just replay the call and make sure you write them down properly this time. 

Obviously, a bout of forgetfulness isn’t the only reason a business should invest in Cloud Storage for calls, though. Let’s take a deeper dive into this deceptively simple feature and the massive impact it can have on both your team and your customers. 


When activated for an extension, queue, or your whole account, automatic call recording starts recording at the start of every phone call. No button presses or Start/Stop commands required. All you have to do is talk normally, and the audio file will be saved in Cloud Storage for future review.

Cloud Storage is a digital storage space available to store data on remote servers that can be accessed from the internet. The data is managed, maintained, and backed up remotely for a low monthly rate.

With FluentStream, your recorded phone conversations are automatically saved forever. You have the option to delete call recordings that you no longer want to keep, and you can also download recordings for your own records or for local playback in the future.


At the most basic level, recording calls is standard practice for many businesses and is actually required for certain industries. For example, businesses that dabble in finance must keep a record of all their transactions, including telephone conversations with customers. 

Storing and maintaining all those recordings would be a nightmare for the average business, even with in-house servers. That makes it essential to pick a quality communications system that keeps all your call recordings for you and makes it easy to access them at any time. 

Even if it’s not required, there are still plenty of reasons for businesses to implement call recording Cloud Storage on their phone system. 

Upgrade Your Customer Service

It’s often said that people only remember 10% of what they read, 50% of what they hear, and 90% of what they do. By providing your support team with recordings of all their calls, you make it easy to get every detail correct. You also collect a cloud-hosted library of especially good and bad calls that can be used to train new employees with real-world examples.

On a more macro level, recording every call gives managers objective insight into how their agents are performing. If a customer files a complaint, you can simply pull up the call and see whether additional training is needed (or if the customer is simply being difficult). 

Confirm Every Detail  

With modern contact centers taking hundreds, or even thousands, of phone calls every day, information will inevitably get lost in the shuffle. Obviously, this can lead to awkward situations/conversations with customers or even financially-costly mistakes for your business. 

With call recording Cloud Storage, those worries become a thing of the past as every word is kept right at your fingertips. If a disgruntled customer threatens to leave a bad review, or in extreme cases, even file litigation, you can proceed knowing you’re fully covered with the recording of what happened. 

Understand Your Customers Better 

Often, the best ideas for future products or services aren’t the ones you spend untold time and money researching — they’re the ones customers casually mention to your support team. Agents will write some of these ideas down, but others will get lost in the flurry of daily tasks and responsibilities. You never know which idea will be your company’s next big thing, so every small slip could lead to a massive loss in potential profit. 

I’m sure you’ll be surprised to hear that call recording Cloud Storage is also the easy answer to this problem! With relevant calls guaranteed to be available, it’s a piece of cake for decision-makers to sift through them and see if there are any diamonds in the rough. 

Plus, you know at least some of your customers will be interested in those new ideas since, well, they’re the ones who gave them to you. 

FluentStream's Cloud Storage Options

A la Carte

Clients who don't choose to purchase a storage subscription will receive 1 gigabyte of storage free and will then be charged $5 per gigabyte for each additional gigabyte of storage used. 

Monthly Subscription

Clients can purchase monthly subscriptions for additional storage space based on the chart below.




0 - 1 GB
2 - 10 GB
$4.00 per GB charges
$5.00 per GB charges
11 - 100 GB
$3.00 per GB charges
$5.00 per GB charges
101 - 1000 GB
$2.00 per GB charges
$5.00 per GB charges
> 1 TB
$1.00 per GB charges
$5.00 per GB charges

If you have any additional questions about how Cloud Storage can benefit your business, let us know at or by calling 303-GO-CLOUD.

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