Feature Spotlight: Hot Desking

Remember assigned seating in grade school? Getting the wobbly chair that squeaked loud enough for the whole class to stare, not being near friends or having that awkward desk against the wall? It would seem that moving up and working at an office job meant this would change, so why do most of us have assigned desks like we did in school?

FluentStream has changed the way offices are supposed to be by creating an innovative feature called Hot Desking that will allow employees to choose the desk they want.

How is this possible?

The FluentStream feature uses Cloud software to configure phones to simply need a login to retrieve an employee’s information. All information is saved to an Internet server so it’s easy to retrieve information to a tangible source, like the phone.

What can the login do? 

This opens the door for employees to choose the desk of their choice, log in to the accompanying phone and retrieve all of their information. Through this login, users can still make inbound and outbound calls, transfer them, obtain their extension number,  join call groups and queue’s, listen to voicemail and use the follow-me app.


Feel like sitting by a window today? Perhaps it’s too bright and the one in shade looks better. Having more choices is possible because of this new innovative feature that other companies do not have.

The Hot Desking feature is extremely useful for call center environments as well.  If there’s a 24/7 operation for example, a workstation and phone is not needed for every employee. This makes work more cost effective and allows a business to not need as much office space. Two to three employees could each have a separate shift, but use the same desk and phone using the login.

Agents can now login/logout of queues.

Finally, working from home is more feasible because a user can retrieve the same information from their office phone to their home phone, a different number is not necessary and missing any important calls is less likely to happen.

For more information contact FluentStream, @FluentStream or call 303-GO-CLOUD

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