2014 is Your Successful Year

Be more successful and productive this year.

This is the time to reflect how you worked the past year. Did you notice yourself feeling like you could have accomplished more? Was your time not well spent? Making small adjustments can make this the strongest work year yet.

 1. Recognize your strengths

It’s okay to not be a pro at every skill or task your business needs. Taking on projects you’re not especially great at would probably take you more time and not be as well done rather than getting a contract worker or another professional to do the project. It will save you time and will most likely have a better outcome.

2. “Why?”

Instead of just doing what your clients or boss want you to do, ask the question “why?” When asking this question you’re able to see the bigger picture of what is being asked. For example, if you were contracted to redesign a website instead of just doing exactly what they “want,” ask them why they need this project done. They may tell you that their homepage hasn’t been generating any revenue. You could find a different solution that probably wouldn’t have been thought of before. This will give you more of an opportunity to get creative.

3. Give acknowledgments

Taking the short time to write a handwritten note, saying job well done in front of group, writing a nice review, can easily encourage hard work and give that moment of recognition everyone needs. Surround yourself with positive words. These will in effect create great work from you.

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