4 Reasons Why Moving Companies are Switching to Hosted Phone Systems

Cloud-hosted systems save the average business 40-70% on their monthly phone bill. We know that’s a bold claim, so let’s break down exactly where all those savings are coming from. Since your calls are using internet bandwidth instead of physical infrastructure like phone lines and switchboards, VoIP costs less per call than a traditional analog setup. That’s regular, consistent savings on technology that’s still improving rather than money thrown away on PBX boxes that cost more and more to maintain as they age.

The other main factor is that cloud-based systems turn moving offices or scaling your business into a piece of cake rather than a logistical nightmare. No ripping out the walls to lay new cables. No need to bring in an IT person every time you want to add an extension or make a routing change.

We know that moving companies don’t often think of upgrading phone systems when it comes to easy, meaningful ways to improve their business. But with all the features, improvements, and especially the savingsthat come with upgrading to a cloud-hosted phone solution… they probably should. Let’s look at four great reasons why!

1. Ricky Bobby Says it best...

If you're not first, you're last.

The fact is you’re 238% more likely to convert a new lead when you’re the first to call. And unless you have one of those creepy old fortune teller cabinets telling you who is about to move before they know it themselves, your best bet for contacting leads first is simply to call them faster than your competition.

With a traditional analog system, that means the continued success of your business relies on you having the Fastest Dialing Speed in the West. An admirable skill to be sure, but hardly a consistent one. There’s a reason Billy the Kid didn’t go on to become a famous entrepreneur. Meanwhile, a hosted phone solution like FluentStream uses ClickToCall to automatically dial new leads the instant they come into your CRM. Not only is that giving you the 238% advantage on every call, the time you save searching for and dialing individual leads means the total number of leads you’re calling will increase as well.

2. People worry about their stuff. A lot.

A majority of websites these days let you track a purchase from the moment you buy to the moment it arrives. Food delivery services show your driver’s location in real time, so you can pinpoint the arrival of your burrito down to the second. It sounds obvious, but many moving companies still underestimate just how much control today’s customers expect to have over their stuff while it’s in transit.

 With a cloud-based system, all those worries go right out the window!

  • Mobile apps allow your crews to send or receive calls from their cell phones without having to give out their personal numbers.
  • Conveniently update customers with SMS numbers from your business line.
  • Record every call for training and quality assurance. Voicemail to email notifications make sure you’ll never leave an anxious caller hanging, even when you’re out on a job.

Upgrading to a professional communications solution gives your customers peace of mind that you, and their possessions, are always within reach.

3. We don't mind your commitment issues

You already have the internet, don’t you? Of course you do! Perfect. Glad we cleared that up. In most cases, there is no need to shell out upfront cash because nearly all modern devices are already VoIP-compatible. And if you don’t have or want office phones, not a problem! Softphones give you the power to make and receive work calls from any internet device. Still too much commitment for you? Because all your extensions float in the cloud, you can just forward your business numbers directly to your cell phones.

With solutions like FluentStream, you’re only paying for features and extensions you actually use. That’s why we would never even dream of trying to lock our clients into long-term contracts that limit their future options. A good communications provider should work as hard for your business as you work for your customers.

4. End your need for outside IT

I'll set the scene... Your PBX box goes down.  That means so does your entire phone system until someone is able to come out to your office and see what’s going on. Since professional moving is such a competitive industry, that’s leads and money lost every minute you can’t make or receive calls. Worried customers try to check on the status of their shipments, but alas, there is no answer. They become agitated, and before you know it the poor reviews come flooding in. 

*Record Scratch*
*Rewinds Tape*

Let’s look at the same situation, but this time you’re using an upgraded phone solution. First, since your system is hosted remotely, there is no box stuffed away in a closet somewhere that can fail or die. It’s all powered by servers (and backup servers), constantly monitored by your provider to make sure you never have to worry. Second, in the event of an internet outage, you can switch your system over to emergency routing or forward your numbers to cell phones, keeping your business up and running without missing a beat.

Needing an IT contractor to fix or manage your phone system is just as outdated as PBX boxes themselves. That’s why we at FluentStream assign you a personal onboarding agent that works with you to get everything set up exactly how you want. And then if anything does come up, our award-winning technical support team guarantees a 10-second answer time on calls and a 30-second response time on chats. Put us to the test and view our average hold time right on our main page!

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