6 Business Texting Tips that Benefit You and Your Customers

Business texting offers a number of benefits for both you and your customers, but it seems like most businesses still aren’t sure how to use texting to better connect with customers.

86% of small business owners who use text messages to communicate with customers say it leads to higher levels of engagement. If you are struggling with how to make texting work for you, you’re in luck. We put together a list of six ways business texting can help you better connect with your customers.

1. Texts are a great way to share deals and promotions

According to our friends over at Small Business Trends, 54% of customers say they would like to receive deals and promotions over text message. But despite that majority, only 11% of businesses are currently obliging them. 

Adding SMS to your current cadence is quick, convenient, and perfectly complements all the ways you already talk to your customers. Follow up promotional emails with a quick text letting everyone know to act fast before a sale ends. Have some customers who you know are interested but haven’t quite pulled the trigger? Text them a 24 hour discount code and a link to your checkout page. 

However you currently communicate with your customers, text messaging is the missing puzzle piece you need to make your business the easy choice.

2. Texts make it easy to collect customer feedback

No matter what kind of business you’re in, making sure your customers are happy is always a top priority. Mostly because happy customers are returning customers. But also because happy customers tend to tell their friends and family about the companies that make them happy. 

Texting is a convenient way to follow-up with customers after they submit a support ticket or call you with a question. It’s also a fantastic channel for requesting reviews since studies show that 98% of text messages are opened, and 95% of those are responded to within 3 minutes. That’s a lot of potential for meaningful feedback for even less effort than it takes to write an email. 

Plus, if a customer has follow-up questions or replies with a negative review, you can immediately transform your text survey into a conversation about what your business can do better.

3. Texts remind your customers about upcoming appointments

If you run an appointment-based business, you know how crucial it is to always send reminders to your customers. That’s why it’s so annoying that, as smartphones make us easier to reach, we’re somehow harder to get a hold of. 

Most people have simply stopped answering calls or checking voicemails from unknown numbers thanks to the record-breaking number of scam calls rocking the nation. Good luck getting your email reminders in front of customers either. Even if your reminder makes it through their spam filter, it still has to fight with every other unopened newsletter and sales pitch for attention. 

Text reminders cut through all the clutter and deliver your message the way customers are already used to receiving the information they care about. Plus, with how advanced text integration has become, customers can add your appointment to their calendar or pull up directions to your address right from the reminder message.

4. Texts are a great opportunity to share quick tips

You’re an expert in your field. You know your industry inside and out. Instead of hoarding all that expertise to yourself, accomplish two goals at once by sharing it as helpful text tips. 

Goal 1: Provide value. Text tips show your customers that you care about more than just their money. You want them to learn and succeed. 

Goal 2: Create touchpoints. Any time you text your customers, it brings their attention back to your business. The more they think about you, the more likely they are to buy from you. 

The best part is, these text tips can be easily taken from your existing content like blog posts, case studies, or videos. It’s all info you’ve already gathered, repackaged to be even more helpful and direct.

5. Texts let you respond even when you're on the phone

We’ve all had that moment… You’re on the phone, another call comes in, and you’re forced to helplessly watch as either potential business or a VIP customer goes to voicemail. 

With text messaging, you can immediately reach out and get the conversation rolling while it's still fresh in their mind. Not only will customers be blown away by your initiative, but you might even be able to answer their question or solve their issue without waiting to call them back--saving you both time and frustration. 

Having the option to text customers immediately rather than having them wait on hold or need a call back seems like a small upgrade, but a few minutes is often all it takes to turn a good customer experience into a bad review.

6. Texts make you stand out with two-way conversations

Customers have gotten used to a constant barrage of business information. They’re numb to it. So rather than talking to your customers, use texts to talk with them. 

Ask about their recent experiences with your business. Offer rewards they can receive just for replying. If you haven’t heard from them for a while, check in to say hi! Crazy as it sounds, people like to be treated like people. Starting conversations that makes your customers feel heard is an easy way to earn their recurring business.

So basically...

However you put it to use, business text messaging is a great way to increase engagement and talk with your customers the way they prefer. 

If you’re interested in adding text messaging to your business, or upgrading your communications suite with any of our other 130+ features, give us a call at 303-462-5683. We’d love to show you how easy upgrading your customer experience can be.

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