9 Ways FluentStream’s Mobile Cloud Communications App Helps Distributed Teams Tap Into Efficiency

Are you looking for a more efficient way to collaborate with customers or co-workers while traveling or working remotely? Good news: FluentStream has launched the new-and-improved FluentStream Mobile app to provide small business professionals greater efficiency and control of their cloud communication services and preferences.

FluentStream Mobile is included with most FluentStream plans and is available for iOS and Android devices. Let’s dive into some of the new mobile app’s top features and benefits.

FluentStream Mobile for Small to Medium Businesses

#1. You can keep your personal number personal. No more blending personal calls with business. When you use the FluentStream Mobile app, there’s no need to give your personal number to your business contacts. Your colleagues and customers can reach you on your mobile device using your office extension, and your business phone number will appear in your contacts.

#2. The world becomes your office. From road warriors to hybrid workers, many employees need the flexibility to work from anywhere. That might mean taking business calls from the airport, coffee shop, taxi, or even your living room. But using a personal mobile device is hardly ideal, and it’s burdensome to keep up with multiple devices. That’s where FluentStream Mobile comes in. From the app, you can stay connected your way, wherever business takes you, with SMS, calling, and voicemail all in one.

#3. Easily sync and share business contacts. Tired of manually entering your business contacts in your mobile phone? FluentStream Mobile will help you save valuable time. The app’s advanced contacts system lets you seamlessly sync contacts from the web portal to your app and share contacts instantly.

#4. Don’t stress about missing an important call. Imagine you’re expecting an important phone call — perhaps from a client or your boss — but it’s after hours. Even when you’re out of the FluentStream Mobile app, you will receive push notifications when someone tries to reach you on your business line. There’s no need to continuously monitor the app to ensure you don’t miss a call.

#5. Avoid dialing into your voicemail. Busy professionals struggle to listen to every voicemail and prioritize who to call back. With FluentStream Mobile’s visual voicemail feature, you can quickly scan your voicemails and find important messages more quickly.

#6. Manage call forwarding from anywhere. When customers or clients try to reach you, they expect a prompt response — even if you’re working remotely. With FluentStream Mobile’s remote call forwarding feature, they won’t need to dial multiple numbers to reach you, and you won’t miss their call during business hours. You can easily control which device your calls are directed to with the ability to enable, modify, and turn off call forwarding on the go.

#7. There’s an Admin App for full phone system control. Separate from the FluentStream Mobile app (and currently available for iOS), FluentStream Admin lets companies stay as mobile as the workforce they support. Administrators can harness the power of their unified communications (UCaaS) phone system and fully manage their business from anywhere with features like user management, call routing, notification workflows, and more.

#8. Communicate your way. No time for a call? No problem. FluentStream Mobile also supports business SMS messaging, so you can communicate with customers and colleagues through texts while keeping your business and personal communications separate.

#9. Call History lets you stay on top of business interactions. No matter if you make a business call from your office phone or FluentStream Mobile, you can see all of your recent call history — from all devices — in one place.

Small and medium businesses are already taking advantage of FluentStream Mobile — and enjoying the benefits. Here’s what Richard Carpenter, President of Client Services at Source One System Solutions and a FluentStream customer, had to say:

“FluentStream Mobile is very simple to use. It looks just like the desktop app, which is great. It’s nice that you can sync your FluentStream contacts with the app on your phone.”

Ready to get started? Download FluentStream Mobile for free on the App Store or Google Play and tap into efficiency.

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