The Beat Of FluentStream

beat us at karaoke

Do you like to have fun? Of course, everyone does. Do you like to sing? Do you like to sing in front of people? Most people will say yes to the former and no to the latter.

We do!

It turns out FluentStreamers have been kicking back every so often at Voicebox Karaoke across the street from our office. We’ve been practicing our David Bowie impressions, our AC/DC screams, and our rapping skills. Sure, it’s fun, but what we’re really doing is challenging the VoIP providers around Denver to do better.

America FluentStream Has Talent

If you could call yelling into a mic, trying to keep up with the lyrics a talent. I’d argue you can.

The last outing we had was so much fun. We had our own Jarret Knapp and Micheal Curry going at it like wild men, singing everything from Enrique Iglesias to Eminem. It was quite the night, for the most part…. There were a few stragglers who just refused sing at all. Well, at least they were our audience for the night. Perhaps next time.

Until Next Time

I don’t want to say when we’ll be there next time but you can bet it will be a blast.

As for those stragglers and other VoIP providers, you are hereby challenged to the ancient art of Karaoke.

We’ve been there, done that, so…. It’s your move.

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