Don’t Let These Common VoIP Misconceptions Hold Your Business Back

Needless to say, the FluentStream marketing team spends a lot of time thinking about why businesses should adopt a Hosted VoIP business phone system, and why, given the obvious advantages of Hosted VoIP systems over traditional PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) systems some businesses cling to the technology of yester-year.

Then a report like this one comes out from our pals at the telecom analysis site, Software Advice. And we have a moment of clarity before returning to wondering why the results are the way they are.

We are so grateful for this information. The “gist” is this: The most common reasons PSTN users say they would consider switching to VoIP are to save money (can we get a YES PLEASE) and to incorporate advanced features (such as out-of-the-box mobile compatibility) that traditional PSTN systems do not allow for.

OK, so lower cost and more features. More for less. So far, we’re with you.

Things start getting weird here: The FCC reports that only 15% of businesses have adopted VoIP phone systems. Software Advice reports that the leading reasons businesses are choosing to stick with the business phone technology of the last century are (drum roll): ease of use and the consistency of the service (IE the lack of service interruptions).

These findings rattle our brains.

Hosted VoIP solutions have come a long way since their introduction to the market in terms of usability. FluentStream’s hosted solution is as easy as “plug-and-play”. We send you phones or we provision the phones you have, you plug them into the internet, you make and receive calls. We are here to answer any questions you have and to resolve any difficulties you may encounter. Easy-peezy. Once you’re up and running and you want to control your system in the ways that every business dreams about, login to our MyFluentCloud Web Portal. From there, you have the power to control the features you choose to control by selecting the desired setting from an intuitive menu of options. If you want, you can call our support team (they will always answer) and they can adjust your settings for you.

We think that this must mean businesses are sticking to their antiquated PSTN systems because of familiarity, rather than because of usability. In lickity split, you and your team can be familiar with a system that will give you more- more features, more mobility, more scalability- for less. Our expert on-boarding team will conduct trainings whenever your business wants them to get your team to proficiency and to make sure you stay there.

In terms of service interruptions, FluentStream delivers up-time in excess of 99.99% (per our Service-Level Agreement). Every business, including those who classify uninterrupted service as “absolutely essential”, will find that up-time in excess of 99.99% is something to smile about. In the case of a WAN (wide area network) outage, in which the business would not be able to access the internet, incoming calls can be forwarded to a mobile device discretely, or to any other phone number that would allow business continuity. Don’t believe us, try it here free.

VoIP myths be gone! Is your business still using a PSTN business phone system? We’re asking you why.

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