Dragon Boat Festival Shenanigans

This past weekend, FluentStream sponsored and participated in the annual Dragon Boat Festival at Sloan’s Lake in Colorado. These festivals are held all over the world to celebrate the Chinese culture.  The main attractions are the actual races, where teams row across the lake in boats shaped like dragons.  There are different divisions and FluentStream participated in the flag-catching division.  This division is for newer, novice teams with the end goal of pulling a flag out of a buoy to signal the end of the race.8

Aside from teams participating in the races and spectators cheering them on, the festival features amazing Asian inspired food, a parade of teams,  a marketplace to shop, and many performances from dancers and musicians.

After 3 races, we ended up ranking 4th out of 13 teams with our best time score being 1:23:09.  Not bad for this being our first time racing! We met awesome people and had a wonderful (and competitive) time on the water. Hey, we even made it in The Denver Post! Overall, we just want to say thanks Colorado Dragon Boat Fest and new friends! We will DEFINITELY be back next year.

Check out some photos of the race on Facebook!


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