Employee Spotlight: Amy Babcock

Here at FluentStream, we have one goal: Provide the best communications service and support possible for our customers. The goal may be simple, but boy howdy does it take continuous, passionate effort to pull off. That’s where our wonderful customer success team comes in!  

Even with half a dozen awards under their belts, our dedicated customer success gurus do their best to stay humble and give every caller the personal attention they deserve. It can feel like a thankless job, manning those call/chat/email trenches, making sure not a single issue slips through… but not today! 

Today we honor one of the best and brightest members of our customer success team: Project manager Amy Babcock.

What’s makes Amy so great

Despite being a relatively recent addition to the team, everyone already agrees that Amy is a certified superstar. She steered an entire system migration to completion while also holding the reins on multiple other projects, while also training newer team members at the same time.  

On top of that, she’s led her whole department in migrations this year, setting a few records along the way. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say she’s reached Billy the Kid levels of fame around the remote office. 

Whether or not you think her success is too grand to be anything but a myth, one thing is for sure – Amy is considered an absolute delight by every customer and coworker lucky enough to meet her. 

Interview with the Woman, the Wonder, the Miracle Worker 

I was lucky enough to sit down with Amy and learn a little more about what makes her tick, what her dreams are made of, and why she’s so beloved by both customers and coworkers. 

Q: First things first, what was your reaction when you found out you won the FluentStream Superstar Award?
Honestly, I was surprised. Since we’re such a technology-focused company, I thought for sure the nominees from our development team would win.

Q: What’s been your favorite remote work habit you couldn’t have gotten away with at the office?
Sometimes instead of eating lunch, I sneak in a quick nap. Cause napping isn't just for kids. Then I just eat at my desk!

Q: How many spreadsheets do you think you’ve created so far in your career?
Oh my. So, so, SO many spreadsheets! I can’t even begin to guess. I think I’d actually go mad trying to remember them all. 

Q: What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on so far at FluentStream?
Since I’m still pretty new, I would say working on the IntelliVoice project as a strategic partner, and then joining FluentStream as full-time employee and wrapping up the IntelliVoice project!

Q: Alright, onto the important stuff! What’s the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you on vacation?
I was in Italy for my honeymoon, and we were standing in front of the Trevy Fountain. Someone asked us if we were American. We said no, we are Canadian. Then they said, “Well someone just flew a plane into the world trade towers.” We looked at them in disbelief, and honestly thought it was a distraction for a pick pocketer. So we left the area, and shortly thereafter someone else approached us with the same message. We panicked a little bit, being abroad at all, wondering if we’d even be able to go home at the end of our trip. Needless to say, we kept a much closer eye on the news than we otherwise would have during our honeymoon!

Q: Would you rather join the Scooby Doo gang for an investigation or be a judge on a cooking competition like MasterChef?
I’d definitely pick being a judge on a cooking competition. I don't like scary stuff. Like at all. So even if it was in a cartoon world, that’s a big no from me. 

Q: Last, and arguably most important question... On a scale of 1-10, how well do you think you’d do in a zombie apocalypse and what survivor camp job would you excel at?
My family would say that I would not do well cause I lose at laser tag everytime. However, I would say that I’d actually do quite well and my escape to a survivor camp would be calm and strategic. Once I got there, I think I’d be great at an apocalypse version of what I do now – setting the work schedules and maintaining rules for the community. That, or I’d be really good at managing the laundry.

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